Nextcloud and problems sharing docs with other users

Hi, I am trying to add access to a OnlyOffice document on nextcloud, I am not able to chose a user to share it with? what is the process? Thank you.

Please find this guide:

The users, you want to share to, must have permissions to access Nextcloud in their account-settings in UMC.

Thank you for the link.
Though the issue I am having is when I click on “Others with access” I have nothing to chose from?

Any suggestions?

Do those other users have granted acces in their account settings?

Univention Management console - Users - select user - click on “Apps” next to left border and check whether “Nextcloud” ist activated.

Yes, they do and they can login into nextcloud.

Select the settings as Administrator and check, whether sharing is allowed. You also can select there, whether sharing of shared folders and files will be allowed, too.

that only shows if other got access through superior folder - not the option to add share permissions


to share a folder or file you have to put in the users or grous in the share field: