Nextcloud and only office Vm link is not working

Hi all,

I’m new at this univention platform.

I did a install of the only office nextcloud vm. Install was great, the univention platform is great, nextcloud works perfect.

The problem is that I can’t create a new document in nextcloud with only office. This is the error I get,
ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin.

after saving in the settings menu a get the message all settings are saved successfully

But when I create a new only office ducument it gives the above error.

Can anybody help me plz ?

Hello @PaulB

welcome to UCS.

How do you access Nextcloud in your browser?

  • HTTP or HTTPS?
  • IP address or hostname?

ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud require communication over HTTPS with hostnames. Your client needs to resolve the hostnames correctly. If UCS is not your primary DNS server in the network settings of your client, I should be sufficient to add UCS as additional DNS, so that the hostnames can be resolved.

Does that help?

Best regards,

Hi Gulden,

Thanks for your reply. Issue has been resolved.
I have reinstalled the server and then installed the apps separately. Then it worked.

Have another question, is there a possibility to install the onlyoffice community server on Univention ??