Nextcloud: Administrator Login failed: 49: Invalid credentials

Good day.

Recently I have been setting up a small Lan and then DMZ so that I could share a nextcloud installed on UCS. Now that I have nextcloud up and running I am running into an issue after logging into the Nextcloud installation as Administrator.

Let me say that I am new to dealing with Docker:Containers please bare with me should there be a need to find out any info within Docker.

Nextcloud: Ver 12.0.6
Univention: Master, Backup & Slave: Ver 4.3-0 errata12
No application updates available atm.

Nextcloud is installed on a Univention:Slave and right now the Nextcloud install is fresh. I have added Nextcloud access to two groups I plan to apply to specific users later and they show up in Nextcould but I’m still unable to make anyone an admin or even install apps because of the login failure when I try.

The server is still internal and not live as of yet. I am able to log into the nextcloud and browses files, apps, users etc. However if I try and install an app in Nextcloud or change a user to a Admin(I looked to see if there was a user group in UCS master but I could not find one.) I am asked to Authorize so I type in the Administrator account password, I am then asked to confirm by typing the password yet again. I do yet nothing happens.

Looking the logs in Nextcould I find a bind failure and the IP of the computer I’m using currently to setup everything.

Warning | core | Login failed: ‘administrator’ (Remote IP: ‘’)
Warning | user_ldap | Bind failed: 49: Invalid credentials

Are the user groups and right controlled by the Univention:Master DC Policy’s and I’m just missing how and where I go to change them?

I would like to test the integration of OnlyOffice and Nextcloud as well as the Wordpress installation but I would rather get one thing working before moving on and having compounded issues. I have looked over a few other articles with Nextcloud that had this issue but all of them seemed to be an issue logging into Nextcloud at all not just Authorizing an app install after logging in.

Thanks in advanced for any insights and help.

Do you run UCS in a VM? Make sure it’s time is correct, otherwise you’ll be asked constantly for the password, but it will always appear this happened in the past, because of the difference of actual time in the browser and on the server.