Nextcloud 13 group sync issues



Hi all,
I don’t really know when exactly the problem came up, but it has to be in the last few weeks:
Activated groups got synced from the LDAP to Nextcloud, but updated user->group relations didn’t.I decided to solve that problem later until a user contacted me that all shared folders disappeared some days later.
After investigating a little in nextcloud, I found out that all users and groups were there, but all users were removed from their groups.

I started to compare the LDAP settings in Nextcloud with those of a second system and saw that the Association between Users and Groups parameter in the advanced settings tab was different.
So I changed it from memberUid to uniqueMember as shown in the screenshot.

After saving the options, all group associations came back and thus, all folders, too.

I wonder how this change happened. I’m the only administrator of the system and I definitely didn’t change it (otherwise I would remember :smiley: )

Any ideas?



The only place where we set the configuration upon install, and there it is set to uniqueMember.

What might have happened: if you clicked on “Count Groups” at some point, it kicks off the detection of the association attribute (when it is not set to default, which happens to be uniqueMember). If the more or the same amount of users (→ sorting) are returned for both attributes, memberUid will be used instead of uniqueMember. Could this be an explanation?


That’s the reason! I tried it a moment ago and a click on “Count Groups” changed the Attribute to “gidNumber” (maybe different, maybe i just mistyped it in the original post).

Good to know that this attribute has to be set back to “uniqueMember” after counting groups.

But still, there is no “safe” button to click, a click on “count groups” changes and saves the setting without notifying the admin, that’s not user-friendly :smiley:



No, that indeed is not, sorry. Opened an issue →