New users can't login at OX App Suite


after the last update of UCS and OX, newly created users can’t login at OX App Suite.


After a restart of the server the login of the users is mostly possible.

I have already tried to fix the problem with all possible articles here in the forum, but without success.

When updating the ox-connector I get the following error message.

Installation of OX App Suite on UCS 5.0-5 errata813 is done (without errors), but even the Web-Login Panel does not appear, Service is unavailable.
I did 6 new installations of UCS (on Proxmox as VM), every time something does not work with UCS, OX Connector, OX App Suite and/or Lets Encrypt.
If one thing is working, another won’t. Even a login to OX App Suite with a user account is impossible.
Sorry to say, but we are trying UCS since two years. Every few months we say: “come on, they must have fixed the biggest errors, now we can use it”, but every time we have to say: “no, still not ready for productive work”.