New user help - Netbios name & home shares

Update: I looked in smb.conf and learned my domain netbios name. I also figured out how to enable home drives for domain users.

G’day from Australia!

I just converted from Zentyal to UCS, and I’m loving it so far. I need help with the following questions:

  1. Where do I find the netbios name for my windows clients to join a UCS domain?

  2. Zentyal automatically creates an SMB share for each user that was shared as a H: drive. How do I do this in UCS?

This is my UCS version:
UCS: 4.2-3 errata284
App Center compatibility: 4
Installed: samba4=4.6 self-service=2.0


welcome to UCS and the forum.

Just as an addendum: you don’t need to use the NetBIOS name for joining computers. In fact, the preferred method is using the fully-qualified domain name (e.g. instead of our NetBIOS name internal). You can use that for authentication, too: instead of internal\administrator. In fact, sometimes using the FQDN will work whereas using the NetBIOS name won’t (I’ve observed that with a handful of PCs/installations over the years).

The share itself is created automatically, too, but you have to configure each user to actually map a network drive automatically. This can be done in multiple ways: either via the user settings in the UMC (Univention Management Console, the web-based management GUI), via a netlogon script that executes net use …, via a group policy…

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