New Intel NUC (Celeron) hang every 6 hours with UCS on it - but only without monitor and keyboard

Hello all,

really strange. I have here one intel NUC with UCS 4.4.2 installed. The NUC runs as backupdc. It is working fine, but only 6 hours. After this time the computer is not reachabel anymore. If i pluged in an monitor and an keyboard, i can’t see anything on the screen. ACPI didn’T work. So System is in freeze state.

But after i pluged in Keyboard and Monitor, the System is running fine without problems, last test over 8 days. I don’t understand this. I’ve changed a lot of things in the bios, but no changes at the behavior.

Maybe it depends that a graphical screen is starting without monitor?

I’ve configured remotelogging with rsyslog. But at the time if the nuc is going to hell, there is no log, nothing.

Maybe someone have a idea :slight_smile:

This day 12h. :scream:

without keyboard/monitor?


Nope, it’s not depending on a display or any input device.
“…After this time the computer is not reachabel anymore …” How about power management and other BIOS settings? see

I also had one for testing and especially the NIC disappeared under specific “wrong” settings.

good luck

Really interesting. So many NUC’s are running here, but all big ones with i7. So that is the first slow one. I check all the settings and test again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Done. Now waiting. :slight_smile:

Installed also the newest biosupdate. Same System death. Is there a way to install a newer Kernel?

Installed new Kernel 4.19 same thing. Maybe the new hardare is damaged. Dmesg attached.
intelNUC-dmesg.txt (81,0 KB)

And if installing a plain Debian or any other standard distro? Just for a test? What happens there?
A simple search: returned a few pages of results, some even with a suggestion of faulty hardware.

As feedback: The Intel Nuc i5, 8gb memory I had for testing, it didn’t convince me at all. I went back straight back to my 14 year dual core with 4gb of memory, a full desktop

New Memory, same model but other manufacture (Kingston) works. YES :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: