New Instalation after update



Hello Community,

after an update Nextcloud appears as a new installation. All my settings are gone. Is there a way to restore them? Thanks for your help!

Greetings Ari


Nobody here who had this problem too?


Hello @ari1105p,
one of my users reported a similar behaviour on a test system. But when he logged in Nextcloud asked if it should re-import the users data. Since that went ok I did not investigate any further.

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Ok, thank you Jörn for your info. Unfortunately i was not asked.

regards Ari


Well, obviously, that should not happen, and did not happen in our tests. Sorry that you encountered this.

Can you provide the Appcenter logs from the upgrade?


Here, are all logs from the affected updates. Maybe you find something. All data under /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/nextcloud/data/nextcloud-data where erased. But it was my mistake too, because i forgot to backup the files. Lesson learned.:disappointed:


hi I just endup in same sh*t :frowning: I realy can’t understand how upgrade of docker image can cause removal od hundreds GB in data store where data should be persistent? any idea ?


As blizzz wrote, “that should not happen” and since today I don´t know why it happend on my system. My conclusion from this issue, backup all your data before update(database and files).


as I mentioned here Nextcloud Upgrade endup with all data lost this is bloody hell poor integration of upgrade script which can execute uninstall with auto confirmation of user data deletion… I just finished wit carving my 2.2TB partition and now during long winter I’ll be sorting them again :confused: but benefit is that I’m sure I’ll see pictures I didn’t for ages :slight_smile:


@ari1105p I missed the notification. Could you make the logs available again, please?


Here it is again . Thanks for your efforts


I get a service unavailable, unfortunately.

For the 14 series, next release, I changed the uninstall process to keep the data. Removing them will take manual steps. So this scenario will not repeat in future.