Network Share issue


I’m trying to add my first network share for windows clients.

I’ve partitioned, formatted (ext3) and mounted a second drive on one of our servers (a UCS member role VM).

I’ve added the share in the domain controller master (Shares Module) but cannot see it anywhere from my windows network.

How do I troubleshoot this? I can ping and resolve the name of the server hosting the share.


a few questions which should isolate this:
1. Is samba installed at the memberserver?
2. Did you use the memberserver as share host in the share definition in the UMC?
3. Is the share visible with smbclient at the memberserver?

smbclient -U Administrator -L \\localhost

4. Are you using Samba4 as Active Directory controller at your DC Master?
5. Is the windows client succesfully joined to the domain/member of the workgroup?

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen

Problem resolved!

Samba was not installed on the member server. My fault - I’m slowly translating Windows knowledge across to linux equivalents.

Thanks again Tim!