Need to move subnet: How to retain user and group data or just everything?

I ran out of IP addresses in a /26 subnet and was given a /24. All DCs are VMs on oVirt and there is no AD involved, not even DNS (it’s external) nor DHCP.

I’ve assigned all machines a secondary IP address in the new range, which will become primary once I can get the DCs switched.

I’ve created a new dual home BDC, which is reachable on both networks, promoted it to DC and now want to create a BDC which only uses the new range, will then be made primary to leave the old range completely behind.

My problem is, that these new BDCs don’t seem able to see this dual-home DC, because all the DC services seem to only listen to the old primary address.

Changing the primary interface on the network settings only seems to result in services not listening at all, ports like 389 don’t come up at all. Changing it again, seems to not make it any better, I generally have to go back to the last snapshot to regain a workable state.

I would think that adding NICs, networks and ranges are straight forward, but evidently they are not.

The main invest currently is the user and group definitions, so if there was an easy way to save both on the existing DC, I wouldn’t mind up starting with a competely new DC in the new range and then re-registering the hosts.

But from what little I read about slapcat and slapadd, there seems to be no easy way to import objects in ‘parent order’ and manually editing a hundred user and group definitions in such a way that all is well, seems both a lot of work and extremely error prone.

How can/should I go about this?