Need shelp migrating domain from UCS to Windows server

Hello, I convinced my boss to use UCS and we like it, but its not capable of running some of our cad license server (even with wine) as well as a few other nit picks. SO I have been tasked with putting the domain back on the Windows server 2016. I created fresh installs, and would like to know of any simple methods for how to transfer a UCS domain controller over to the windows server. I know UCS has a module for domain takeover in the other direction, also I am trying to avoid creating new users again as migrating profiles is cumbersome here. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Though I cannot tell a reverse migration way off the bat, I have another suggestion. You should be able to install Samba4 and then join a Windows Server to your UCS Samba4 Server. Now you should be able to use your Windows CAD License Servers.

That should be helpful: … or_Windows

Kind Regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen