Need help with LDAP service, SSL certificates & login page error

Hello everyone.
My system contains: UCS + ownCloud
Need your help with my old server. Firstly, a few days ago I reinstalled IBM server to another office. Setup new external IP, made preparing with host-files and so on. Powered on… And can’t login with any user, even with Administrator. image
In the ownCloud interface there is no errors, only information that wrong password.
Checked listener.log
LDAP & APACHE today morning not working, but yesterday evening I made them OK according to the articles in help-forum.
Made SSL updating according this suggestion: Renewing the SSL certificates
But no effect. SSL-certificate working but not right way. I need help of specialists =(((
The was a field with 01 and 02 certificates but they a gone now. 01 was with name.

Rolled back to the old copy.
Old copy have such list of certificates:
and working LDAP and Apache2 services
But, login not working and I can’t imagine what to do after several hours reading help mans.

Simple users can login. Can’t login only admin accounts.