Need Help setup DHCP Server with Client

Hi, I use UCS since a week now and try to learn for my application test I have at 23.6.2022.
My task is to setup a dhcp server:

Server IP: 10.0.10
• Subnetmask:
• Gateway:
• DHCP Range: bis
• DNS:

I followed this tutorial right here: Youtube and thats it. Nothing works with that

I need to do this on a Windows 10 machine. and don’t know how to setup the network correctly. I dont really know what kind of adresses i use in network IPv4 Setting.

In the Univention Portal I can’t change DHCP settings for a Computer. It always wants a mac adress. And when i insert the mac from my Win 10 VM: Error not a Valid Adress. Can’t Understand this.

Always having as DHCP Server in Windows

Windows 10 runs on Virtual Box, Network:Bridged
USC runs on a private Proxmox Server

I need a detailed step by step Guide how to setup that correctly please.


sorry, you will not get a step-by-step guide as it is important you understand what your are doing. So some basic explanation regarding IPv4 networks:

IPv4 network addresses have a network part and a host part. Compareable to street name and house number. It is mostly easy to differentiate street names (ie Main Road) from house numbers (ie 22) but for IP addresses they are both numbers. To differentiate you need the netmask. It is binary but this would go too deep here. Just keep in mind thee parts of the address where the netmask has 255 is the network part and where it is 0 it is the host.

IPv4-address “ with netmask”
Here we have the network (aka street) with the host part of .34.5 (so
IPv4-address “ with netmask”
Here we have the network (aka street) with the host part of .4 (so

Understood? Great!
Or no? Then try to get a good book about IPv4 for further details (especially other netmasks like /27)

Ok, next steps. To reach the Internet a hosts needs a gateway. Compare it somehow with a letter. You write the full address on it, but you put it in the post box in your street so the post will collect it for further delivery. You do not need to now about the later part. You just need to know where in your street the post box is. If you do not have a post box in your street your letter will not be send.
The post box in IPv4 is the default gateway. (I am not talking about static routes here). So your host need to now the address of the default gateway (post box) in your network (street). If it is an address in a different street you will not be able to reach it!
So your default gateway has to be a host within the same network!

Regarding DHCP: It is a dynamical address assignment. Well, in streets houses usually have fixed numbers. But with DHCP the have dynamical ones. Initially a new house in the street need to know what numer it has itself. Therefore it just shouts into the street something like: “Hey, I am the small green house with the red door- which number do I have?”. The server in the street (with a fixed address!) listens to such questions and replies: “Hey, small green house with the red door: your number is 26, the post box can be found at number 1 and the name of the inhabitants are listed at the main house in our town with address xy”. The later is the part DNS (to be covered later). So then the house knows its own number and the needed information about the network, gateway and DNS. And optionally some more like WINS or ntp.

So with these information you should be able to identify the problems with your information give above.
First, the server IP is not a valid IPv4 address! Additionally, “.0” host is reserved as network name. And .255 as broadcast address. So do not use them as host addresses!
Second, the DHCP range (address pool from where the DHCP assigns addresses) does not match the address of the gateway. The gateway (post box) is in a different network an can not be reached by the hosts!
DNS and WINS might be fine- it does not matter if they are on a different network as long as the gateway is valid. But make sure there is really a DNS (/WINS) server up and running and serving requests. Otherwise you will only be able to reach other hosts by their IPv4 address.

Regarding MAC-address: This is comapreable to the above “small green house with the red door”. If you want to assign the house always the same address you need to tell your DHCP server this with the help of a MAC address. If not, just ignoere it.

With DHCP you usually do not configure the stuff on the hosts itself, instead you configure global settings for the network which are then valid for als hosts (aka houses) in the netwokr (aka street).
So in UCS you need to configure DHCP on a different setting. I am unsure about UCS5 but in UCS4 it was in the “blue” sections of the GUI. Take alook there and look at the documentation! It is described in detail there- but you need to haven an understanding of then etworks basics explained above.

Hope it helps!


Oh, BTW:
If your task in the application test is to set up a DHCP server and you do not have a clue about IPv4 addresses the job is for sure not the right for you!


Sorry I am applying for a job where I can do 90% of all the tasks in the entrance test after working in support for 8 years and asking for help on a topic I have not yet had any experience with. As you can read in the topic I have a few days left and can’t start reading a book, thats why I am asking here. I would also not ask if I had extra time pressure due to personal reasons. Anyway thanks for your answer.