Need help changing from UCS to windows server 2016

Hello, I convinced my boss to use UCS and we like it, but its not capable of running some of our cad license server (even with wine) as well as a few other nit picks. SO I have been tasked with putting the domain back on the Windows server 2016. I created fresh installs, and would like to know of any simple methods for how to transfer a UCS domain controller over to the windows server. I know UCS has a module for domain takeover in the other direction, also I am trying to avoid creating new users again as migrating profiles is cumbersome here. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I am in a similar situation. I need to migrate my DC from univention back to ms server 2016. Need advice please.

Maybe you can simply join an AD DC into the UCS domain and wait until the replication has been finished. Afterwards, you can shutdown your UCS system.