Named: zone transfer denied

Hi all.

One of the last updates seems to have broken something within the dns system.
I have set up a windows server to play secondary DNS for the UCS primary.

That had been working since the first install of 5.0. Now I have noticed that the latest DNS records were not synced and /var/log/syslog logs:
client @0x7f1cf44a69d0 IP-OF-CLIENT#42696 (MY.ZONE): zone transfer ‘MY.ZONE/IN’ denied

I have tried to mess around with the registry “dns/allow/transfer”. The value is used somewhere in the config, as a wrong syntax gives an error, but the settings is “any” which is default.

Probably unrelated i get a lot of errors “slap_global_control: unrecognized control:”

have you figure out how to fix this?

not yet. had to reconfigure dns in our system to work around the broken zone transfer.

Solution at After update to 5.0-2 DNS server won't allow zone transfer - #7 by sgvfr and Bug 55047 – axfr denied with Samba/AD when allowed in bind9 config