NAGIOS : give access to web interface to some user

hi everyone.
I have a groups of users in “Staff” group I would like to give them acces to Nagios with their own credentials. But only Admin had access to Nagios app once intalled. What should I do to give my users access to Nagios web interface ?

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did not test this but should work with a group if you add key to UCR on your nagios host with “auth/nagios/group/groupname” value yes
default group configured is “Domain Admins”

also possible to add single users with “auth/nagios/user/username” value yes



what @externa1 said, is correct.
If you want to give the users of the group helpdesk42 access to the nagios interface, simply set the UCR variable auth/nagios/group/helpdesk42 to the value yes.
If you want to give a specific user, e.g. johndoe123, access to the nagios interface, simply set the UCR variable auth/nagios/user/johndoe123 to the value yes.

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thanks to all of you, but what exactly is UCR variable ?
I mean, how do I set my active directory group “Technical” to access the Nagios interface ?

UCR is a local (meaning local to the machine, not for the whole domain) configuration database. It is mostly used to set values in configuration files.
It can be used through a module in the UMC (Univention Management Console, web front end) or on the command line.
Please see the manual section Administration of local system configuration with Univention Configuration Registry.

Either use the UMC module (see manual linked above) or run as root on the server:

ucr set auth/nagios/group/Technical=yes

Daniel Tröder

ok, Thank you Troeder, Now it works for the whole group,
Thanks to all, greeting from Tahiti.

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