MySQLDump with mail notification?


it has only indirectly to do with UCS and Kopano. For a disaster recovery of our UCS VM with Kopano I use two sources.

Bareos backs up the server completely (all file systems) every night. From this, I can use the “Attachments” directory for the Kopano restore.

To ensure that I have a consistent database, a MySQL dump runs via cron. This also works.

Does anyone know a script template that can send mail notifications? Otherwise I don’t get to know when the job is not running :frowning:

with best

Hi @pixel,

mail notifications are nice but usually usually someone creates a rule for them and never looks at them again. Plus notifications because of failure are usually not reliable, since the same failure that made the job crash may lead to the notification not being sent.

Instead I am using and just notify their api at the end of a job. If such a notification is missing for a configured time interval their service can send me various notifications (mail, push notifications, chat messages, sms, …).

edit: their entry about monitoring cron jobs

Thanks for the tip. I will have a look