My VMs do not have internet

Hi everyone,

I have a little problem :

I use KVM with UVMM and i want create a VM with Windows Server 2016.

My server is ok, but i don’t have internet on it :confused:

UCS is on a VMware ESXi server, i have a Pfsense ( for my subnet. UCS is a VM on this subnet ( and i want my VM (on KVM) Windows Server 2016 on…

I have 3 network interface on UCS but when i want bridge o netwokt interface to my Windows Server, it does’nt work :confused:

Can you help me ?

Bests regards,

If it’s can help :slight_smile:

Network map :

Server map :

ESXi map :

Did I get this right? You have UCS running as virtual machine on ESXi and have configured UVMM so inside of UCS there are virtual machines running?

Besides of doing double virtualization is always a bad idea I would check on the ESXi the switch configuration. As ESXi know about the VMs MAC addresses of UCS it usually blocks packets from other MACs (which are inside UCS).