Multiple UCS Servers using common LDAP

Hello, first I would like to say thank you @ UCS DEVs for putting out such a great open source platform out there.

I am setting up OX and have added it to a second UCS server. I joined the server to the domain but the UCS control panel on the second server does not have a user’s LDAP app and the OX does not recognize users from the main server’s LDAP acounts.

Is there a specific way to set this us?

Hello, I just wanted to make a note that the issue is fixed. When I joined the second server to the domain, it stated that the join was successfull but showed an error. I thought it was due to low RAM/CPU so I ran the join operation again and it completed with no errors. Apparently that was not enough.

I deleted the server and created a new server. The join proceeded with no errors and this time I was able to see and access the users app on the second server. After installing OXSuite, it works fine.