Multiple mail domain

Our email is from google and i have to add a multitude of external users with other domains.
To be able to enter their primary email address, i have to add the domain name in the mail domain list.
Problem is that if a user tries to reset his password with the self serve, no email will ever be received.

Is there a way to make sure that ucs sends the email instead of trying to manage it internally?


UCS 4.1


this is not how the mailserver app for UCS (or any mail server for that matter) is intended to be used. It is intended to serve your own domain(s) only.

If you create a maildomain “”, you won’t be able to send emails to any other google-user anymore. The UCS-server will be the one responsible for that domain now and will store the mails locally (for your UCS users) or reject them if the address is unknown (all other gmail users).

You have to create your own domain name as a mail-domain on UCS and then use fetchmail to retrieve the mails from the other mail providers (gmail, yahoo, …). Depending on your company policy you can either create per-user SMTP-relay rules to send emails away or have your users configure their clients to send mails directly via gmail, but store the sent mail on the UCS IMAP server.

Daniel Tröder

I know that part but, is there a way to keep UCS from checking the mail domains and always send the mail? I had to add the mail domains because i couldn’t add my user’s e-mail addresses.
I’m using external apps that authenticate through UCS and need to get the user’s e-mail address in order to send notifications.


That is not possible, because it is part of the design of UCS’ mail server system.

Can you configure the external apps to use another LDAP attribute of the user?
If yes, you could use the “email” attribute, which corresponds to the email address on the contacts tab. Its domain is not checked by UCS.

I was able to use the description field.