Multiple installs of NextCloud

I currently run a 4.4-8 server that I can’t upgrade due to SquiteCRM not being supported on 5.0. However, the same machine also has NextCloud running on it.

I just installed a new 5.0-2 server and want to run NextCloud on it. I thought the best way would be to install NextCloud, configure it, and then copy the data directory from the old server. Once it was up, I’d remove the old NextCloud.

I can’t seem to do that. It looks like I can only manage NextCloud and not install a second instance of it.

Is that correct, or am I missing something?


Yes, only one installation.

You can deinstall Nextcloud, setup a new server and copy the database, config.php and the files to the new server and install Nextcloud there.
Although I am not sure what the exact best order would be. Maybe I would make a fresh install, stop the app, change the files and database and restart.
But maybe it is even easier to copy everything before the first install on the new server.
Best, Bernd