Mount home dir from server / Roaming profies on ubuntu clients


i tried so many things and I am pretty frustrated.

Target/what i want to accomplish:
Whenever a user logs into any joined ubuntu client machine, they shall be able to login with their UCS credentials AND they should get their home dir automatically mounted/synched from the server.


  • I got X ubuntu machines and Y>X users with their own accounts on the UCS.

  • I made a share dir home_directories with path /home

  • For User Alice (example User in my case) i have set account->POSIX : unix homedirectory = /home/alice
    and home share = “home (/home on ucs-xxx/mydomain.intranet)” with home share path = alice

  • User Alice can connect to it via `smbclient -U Alice@MYDOMAIN.INTRANET //IP/home_directories
    but the dir is empty

I searched on so much documents, but they seem to focus on windows machines.

That one is pretty old (aint tried to set the UCR variable yet.

Maybe someone can guide me through this.