Monitoring Windows systems/services with Nagios

Windows systems/services can be integrated into the UCS Nagios monitoring system. To be able to monitor Windows systems/services with Nagios in a UCS domain, the existing standard Nagios plugins such as UNIVENTION_PING can be assigned via the Hosts tab in the UMC module Nagios.

The monitoring of local services on Windows systems can be performed via the installation of additional software. For example, the NSClient++ software can be installed on the Windows systems and, following the configuration via “Nagios-NRPE” or via the Nagios plugin “check_nt”, Windows services can be monitored. The following command is e.g. used to output the current CPULOAD of the Window system:
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nt -H Win-System IP -v CPULOAD -p 12489 -l 1,80,90Further information on the installation of NSClient++ and use of the plugins can be found here.

The integration of additional Nagios plugins is documented in the Nagios chapter of the UCS manual.