Monitoring in UCS 5 Core Edition


nagios support won’t be part of UCS 5 anymore. Does this mean there won’t be any monitoring system included in UCS Core Edition? Or will the Dashboard be part of UCS 5 Core Edition?



We monitor us UCS Server since Years with CheckMK. Very easy. Test it:
You can also add the old special UCS related nagioschecks additionally.

It would be nice to have an official statement regarding this matter.

A littel Screenshot:Screenshot_20210311_221704

Of checkmk I assume?

Yes this is one Slave with Kopano App, an Cutout.

Nice. But actually I would prefer an official integration.

What do you expect to get out of it?
What is your goal?

I want to know if I are allowed to use the Grafana Dashboard with UCS5 or if I have to lock for something else like you’ve suggested.

Grafana and CheckMK are two completely different tools. We also use both. And in CheckMK Enterprise, Grafana is integreated. Also in the free Edition.

Are there some special instruction for installing it on UCS? I’ll give it a try if the UCS Dashboard won’t be part of UCS 5 Core Edition. But in that case you have to ask when the next feature will be replaced by something that isn’t part of UCS Core Edition.