Monitor the UCS Mail Server with Nagios

How do we go about monitoring the UCS Mail Server services on Nagios?

We already have the Service SMTP2 being monitored, however we would like to monitor IMAP & POP3 services as well. So we can be alerted if either service SMTP or IMAP/POP3 services stop or are being heavily loaded.


There is a section in the manual on Nagios:

You can go to the Nagios UMC module and add a service entry.

For IMAP that’d be:
Plugin command=check_imap
Plugin command arguments=-p 143
Use NRPE=yes
Click Tab “Hosts” → add the host(s) to check.

For IMAPS it’s a bit more complicated, because there currently seems to be a problem with a parser.

Plugin command=check_imap
Plugin command arguments=-S' '-p 993
Use NRPE=yes
Click Tab “Hosts” → add the host(s) to check.

Then restart Nagios:
systemctl restart nagios3.service

The new service checks should now be shown in the Nagios “Service Detail” view.

Use /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_imap --help if you need further options.

For POP3 do the same as for IMAP.

Daniel Tröder