Migration of the computer room backend iTALC to Veyon

New Computer room backend Veyon

The UMC-Module Computer room can be used to monitor and control Windows clients, if a corresponding backend is installed on it. This way, teachers can e.g. lock screens or reboot the clients. Until now, the software iTALC was used to do this. With UCS@school 4.4 v9 the new Computer room backend Veyon is introduced.

To make the configuration as easy as possible, it consists of two components: the Veyon client for the Windows clients and the UCS@school Veyon Proxy App, which will be delivered/ installed on educational school servers, when UCS@school is updated to 4.4 v9. The new app UCS@school Veyon Proxy should not be removed. It is used by UCS@school and is not intended to manual use. The update scenario for single-server environments will be discussed in the next section.

It is recommended to migrate to the new backend room by room. The process is outlined in the last section of this article.

Note: The usage of iTALC is supported until UCS@school 5.0. It is recommended to start the migration process as soon as possible. A version of the documentation before 4.4 v9, which contains the configuration and installation of iTALC can be found here.

Update scenario single-server environment

In single-server environments, the app UCS@school Veyon Proxy is not installed automatically during the update to UCS@school 4.4 v9. To achieve this, the join scripts have to be called after the update:


Alternatively, it can be installed by calling univention-app install ucsschool-veyon-proxy. After this, the app is ready to use and this Windows clients can be configured.

Migration from iTALC to Veyon on Windows clients

After the update and the successful installation of UCS@school Veyon Proxy, computer rooms can be migrated to the new backend. The steps are identical for new rooms and existing rooms. The following is a quick overview of the migration steps. You can find a detailed description in the UCS@school Documentation for both the UMC-module and the Veyon client.

1 In the UMC-module Room management the option Computerroom backend has to be set to Veyon.
2) On every Windows client in the Computer room iTALC must not be installed.
3) On every Windows client in the Computer room, the Veyon client must be installed and configured.

Note for 1.: This step can be automated with UDM while iterating over all rooms:

udm groups/group modify --dn "cn=$ROOM_NAME,cn=raeume,cn=groups,ou=$SCHOOL,$ldap_base" --append ucsschoolRole=veyon-backend:school:-

Migration of all rooms of a school, and taking into account special characters or spaces in room name:

udm groups/group list --position "cn=raeume,cn=groups,ou=$SCHOOL,$ldap_base" | sed -ne 's/^DN: //p' | while read dn; do
    udm groups/group modify --dn "${dn}" --append ucsschoolRole=veyon-backend:school:-