Migrate UCS Standalone server to new hardware


we need to migrate a standalone UCS 5.0-2 (will be updated to 5.0-3) to a new server hardware.
The server is mainly used for file shares. Installed apps are:

  • AD compat. DC
  • DHCP-Server
  • CUPS
  • Self Service
  • Self Service Backend

I found some guides for that, but I’m not sure if they’re still valid and what will be the most reliable approach?



Or should we add the new server as backup server and change backup to primary after migration of all resources (mainly file shares)?

I would prefer a fail-safe approach with the possibility to switch (temporarily) back to the old hardware in case of any severe problems.

Hi thanq
I did it with veeam for linux. A backup to my nas and a restore to the new server.


Hi Ben,

thanks for that hint! Somehow I forgot that there’s a veeam agent for linux for some time now.
I’ll give it a try!

Yes - that was my idea too. I have migrate my servers last year to new hardware - from physical Server to virtual Servers (with promox) and i use the veeam agent.

or you can use “REAR”, which allows rempapping, resizing of drives.

Another solution is to just pull the drive out and make a disk image, then attach that “software image” to a standard VMware & it will boot up directly. (just before you boot, set a snapshot on your soft image)
you might have to fiddle with the network cards a bit (names) & once it is up shut it down & snapshot it again.