Migrate UCS OVA VMWare install to XenServer?

I am currently running the UCS Core server in my home network to provide some AD services for my ESXi infrastructure. Everything is working fine and I am up to date with the latest patches and version.

My license for ESXi Vsphere is expiring and I have been considering migrating over to XenServer. I know between VMWare and Xen utilities, I can get all my Windows and Linux VMs converted over without too much of an issue. But, I am wondering if there is anything special I need to do for migrating the Univention server as there seems to be a whole different set of instructions for installing UCS on a XenServer vs VMWare OVA.



I have no practical experience with XenServer but Citrix XenServer looks to me that the additonal steps to install UCS are only requiered beacuse “The installation of UCS as a PV virtual machine is currently not possible”. The conversion from HVM to PV and vice versa seems to possible at any time.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke