Migrate from a local domain to a public one

Good afternoon.

I have set up my UCS in a local domain and use a DYNDNS service to make Kopano and Nextcloud available via the internet.
Now I want to migrate the DOMAINNAME.local to DOMAINNAME.de.

If this is even possible what would be the best way to achieve it?

I wouldn’t mind setting up a second server and migrate users, Kopano and Nextcloud manually or even only have the 2nd server on the .de domain and let them sync internally.

Many thanks for your support.

I have done this a couple of time in the past years on small envirenments (each about 5 to 25 users)
I always did a new installation of the new domain in parallel to the existing within the same subnet (was always passible to have enough free ips at this small env)
so i installed the new dc and backups dc’s without dhcp role (still kept on original)
created each user with same name in new domain
migrated filedata with rsync (so you can then do a quick delta sync on swichover to new domain)
then i did the swichover on a weekend, setting smtp to the new kopano server, migrated kopano mails through kopano-backup and restore them to the new kopano server - as all servers are virtual i attached a new virtdisk to the existing kopano server did the backup to this disk, then disconnected the disk and attached it to the new kopano-vm and did kopano-backup restore - as the usernames are the same in the new environment this is going straight forward.
installed dhcp role to the new dc (with different ip range to the original to prevent getting dublicate ips)
then i used profilewizard from forensit https://www.forensit.com/ to migrate the pc’s and local user profiles to the new domain (that preserves all the user settings)

that is all

as it is installed in parallel there is no hassle on time duation of installing and migrating data


Many thanks! That is helpful.

One other question:
I use Letsencrypt but last time I tried, I couldn’t have a 2nd domain with the same external IP/port.

How did you handle this?

Letsencrypt failed after 4.4-9 to 5.02 UCS upgrade

Your experience is the same reason we have moved to using acme.sh and dns auth. It allows us to run multiple servers behind firewalls and not expose port 80 to public traffic.

I left my internal domain for the mail and cloud server but I put a HAPROXY in front of my installation with Opnsense. So Opnsense will handel the certificates and do a redirection to the right server. Maybe this is a way for you.

Greetings from Berlin