Migrate App to Slave



Hi, I’ve to migrate Egroupware from UCS Master to UCS Slave.
I’ve not see a “move” option, unistall option only.
I’ve to unistall from Master and then Install to Slave, or Is it possible to migrate?



You can migrate the data, but I’m not aware that there is any automatic option in UCS to tell an app to move from host A to host B.

  1. Install EGroupware app again on the slave and take note of the LDAP settings in setup.
  2. Use EGroupware’s own DB-backup to backup the database and restore it on the new host.
  3. Restore LDAP settings to values previously noted, as the DB restore overwrote them.
  4. rsync /var/lib/egroupware/default/ from the old host to the new one.
  5. Test and then delete EGroupware app from the master.

If you have trouble doing that on you own, buy a support budget from us and we’re happy to help:



Ok, thanks
Works fine