Microsoft 365 connector: Metadata not found

I’m setting up an MS365 environment for my company.
The installation of the Microsoft 365 Connector finished with no problems and users are synchronized.
But now I have a problem with the SSO.

The setup of SSO had no problems but when I try to login as a user I get this error message:

SimpleSAML_Error_MetadataNotFound: METADATANOTFOUND(’%ENTITYID%’ => ‘‘urn:federation:MicrosoftOnline’’)

3 lib/SimpleSAML/Metadata/MetaDataStorageHandler.php:299 (SimpleSAML_Metadata_MetaDataStorageHandler::getMetaData)
2 lib/SimpleSAML/Metadata/MetaDataStorageHandler.php:319 (SimpleSAML_Metadata_MetaDataStorageHandler::getMetaDataConfig)
1 modules/saml/lib/IdP/SAML2.php:280 (sspmod_saml_IdP_SAML2::receiveAuthnRequest)
0 www/saml2/idp/SSOService.php:19 (N/A)

SimpleSAMLphp is installed.
The metadata for MS365 is the file microsoft-office.php and it is linked in the metadata-include.php.
But somehow the metadata can’t be found by the app.

Does someone knows about this?


I use UCS 4.4-7 errata887 with Microsoft 365 Connector 3.4