Microcode updates


will Univention provide microcode updates?

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The microcode updates for debian are already available only for Testing (Buster) right now. https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=intel-microcode&searchon=names&suite=testing&section=all

I know, but Univention is not Debian. It’s only based on Debian. Ubuntu has provided already an update officially.

Univention will probably provide microcode updates when they are ready, but they alone are not sufficient:

  • The Linux kernel (both host and guest) must be patched to use the new CPU feature
  • QEMU/KVM must be patched to pass the new CPU feature to any guest virtual machine
  • libvirt must be updated to enable this new feature

There are also reports that the microcode update provided by Intel “breaks” some CPU models: the reboot immediately. This is currently investigated (by others). To my knowledge this problem is restricted to some models with large caches.