Merge server.cfg <-> server.cfg.dpkg-dist


On a Kopano installation:

Kopano Core: 8.7.1

I have a newer version of the server.cfg file that I need to merge due to an update.
In the “old” server.cfg there are comments for UCS which I would like to explain with examples.

Using the example of server_name, the “old” file says:

# Name for identifying the server in a multi-server environment
# Warning: the value "server_name" has been set via UCR variable "kopano/cfg/server/server_name"
server_name = saturn

In the new (server.cfg.dpkg-dist) this parameter is commented out.

Other parameters like:

server_listen = *:236

are new to the dpkg-dist. How can I find out which parameters are necessary and which are not?

Through UCR this seems to be different.

with best

Hi @pixel,

its generally not necessary to manually merge these files. If a configuration option is missing it will just use the builtin default, which is chosen to fit most environments anyways. All settings that need to be adjusted in an UCS environment will be set through the app integration and then have the Warning: the value "xx" has been set via UCR variable yy marker you already noticed.

If you want to learn more about the individual options, their default values and what they do you can check the man page of the config file in question (e.g. man kopano-server.cfg).

ok, thanks. Then I can save myself this work :slight_smile: