Member server cannot join domain - No server role defined



I am trying to join a member server to my UCS domain, but I am getting an error. Here is the output of my join.log:

setup/secret -checkPrerequisites
running version check
OK: UCS version on primarydc.domain.local is higher or equal (4.40) to the local version (4.40).
Tue Apr  9 15:24:54 EDT 2019: finish /usr/sbin/univention-join
Tue Apr  9 15:27:46 EDT 2019: starting /usr/share/univention-join/univention-join -dcaccount Administrator -dcpwd /tmp/tmp.M8rQJMm8MR

* Join failed!                                                           *
* Contact your system administrator                                      *
* Message:  Please visit for common problems during the join and how to fix them -- No server role defined

How do I resolve this error?

Edit: Univention version is 4.4



let me guess: during installation your selected “Do not join a UCS domain” as you wanted to join later, right?

Well, this is not the way it is supposed to work. During installation you have to select a role and you can skip the join later during install.

I guess you need to reinstall.



I selected “Join existing UCS Domain”, not “do not join domain”.


I was able to get the role issue fixed by doing ucs set server/role=memberserver. However, now when I run univention-join, I get another error: Exception occurred: {'info': 'error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed (self signed certificate in certificate chain)', 'desc': 'Connect error'}