Mattermost Server is outdated, will there be an update?


We are using the mattermost-app, the actual serverversion is 5.22.0 Build 5.22.1.
This seems to be outdated now, the android-app is warning about “Unsupported server version”, this meets to the releasenotes of the mattermost app in the playstore “Server v5.25+ is required”.

Will there be any updates for this app, or is there no further support?
In the first case we will just wait, in the second case we would have to consider a switch i.e. to

Thanks and best regards

Hi @onomant,

I have just pushed an update of the app which now includes 5.25.5, which is the current “Extended Support Release” of Mattermost. Please be aware that this will very likely be the last update to the app. The app update is now in review at Univention which usually takes some days, if you need to update more urgently you could temporarily switch to the Test Appcenter).

To continue using Mattermost please follow the official installation instructions to choose an alternative install method. Migration instructions can be found in the Mattermost documentation.

Thank you very much!

Which way will Kopano choose, instead of Mattermost?


There will simply be no longer an official recommendation. The WebApp integration of Mattermost is not effected by us no longer providing packages for the server. There is also a third party plugin for at

Something for Element/Matrix would be nice as well, but did not yet come up in customer projects.

Edit: If someone wants to take over maintenance of the Mattermost UCS app I will be happy to transfer knowledge and sources of the current app.