Mattermost SAML

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is there anywhere an example, step-by-step guide or something else, how to configure the saml in Mattermost? Any reason why it is not preconfigured in the app?

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Hi @Megachip,

the missing saml auto configuration is mainly because for me as the app maintainer saml is not an interesting feature.

I would just try to follow the saml documentation from both Univention (, this says 4.0 in the top, maybe there is a more up to date version in the manual) and Mattermost (for example

The app with all its configuration magic is open source as well, so if you think this is a worthwhile feature and want to implement it then pull requests are welcome: At the app precreates the ldap config, I would say something similar is needed for saml as well (after registering the saml provider through ucr).

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Hello @Megachip,

the SAML identity provider feature is part of UCS. It is described in the UCS Admin manual in section 3.8.

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