MariaDB doesn't use UCR config values


today I noticed an error message within the kopano-server.log saying something about an mysql-settings-issue.
As I doublechecked the UCR, the config option is set to the optimal value, but mariadb seems to use default settings.
All UCR values are written to /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/60-ucr.cnf but maria doesn’t use them :frowning:

My UCS is at version 4.3-3 errata410 atm.

Thanks for any help in advanced,


  1. Are you really running MariaDB and not MySQL?
  2. Is this an installation migrated from MySQL at an earlier date?
  3. Is the database server using the correct my.cnf file?
  4. Does that my.cnf file actually include the mariadb.conf.d sub-directory?

In order to answer those questions, please post the output of the following commands:

dpkg -l |grep -E 'mysql|maria'
ls -l /etc/mysql/my.cnf /etc/alternatives/my.cnf
grep -r includedir /etc/mysql

Background: if you had MySQL installed earlier, the package management scripts will move your old MySQL-specific configuration file to my.cnf.migrated. The my.cnf should then be converted into a symbolic link using the alternatives system; and after such a migration the alternative chosen by default will be the my.cnf.migrated file. That one in turn is MySQL-specific and does not include the mariadb.conf.d directory by default.

You can reconfigure the link to point to the default mariadb.cnf instead which does include the mariadb.conf.d sub-directory by running update-alternatives --config my.cnf — but make sure to manually migrate any setting you might need from the old my.cnf.migrated to a file in mariadb.conf.d


Hello Moritz,

I needed to switch to /etc/mysql/mariadb.cnf with update-alternatives --config my.cnf.
Thank you very much!
Now the config values entered in the UCR are used.