Manual deletion of old kernels - Not enough space in /boot

Hello everyone
I am with several older kernel versions on my server, and my boot area is almost full. To prevent future problems, I downloaded this tool. … old-kernel

Like the team’s opinion, it is safe to delete older kernel versions and the procedure that this script is runs to UCS-4.1 is correct ?.
What are the best practices to have no problem?

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Michael Voigt


that script is useful and works. Just use it. To be extra safe don’t remove any kernels that the script says are default kernels.


i have the same problem, /boot has only 40M of free space. So I executed the script and deleted several old kernels. But free space doesn’t increase and the old kernels are still laying in /boot! There was no error message and I executed the script as root user. Do I need to reboot? Doesn’t make any sense to me.



do you still have the output generated by the script? If so please post it here.

Please also paste the output of »ls -l /boot/« and »df -h /boot« so that we can see what’s actually still present. Thanks.

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