Manjaro as UCC image

Has anyone tried doing a UCC image based on one of the Manjaro flavors like Mate or XFCE?

Technically it seems possible. But not sure. Can someone enlighten me please?



Yes, it should be possible. You need to figure out the seed package for the respective flavor is called. For UCC3 we use ubuntu-desktop. Add the package(s) required for the desired flavor into an image config file and remove ubuntu-desktop. Then, create a new image. See the docuemntation for more information.

EDIT Someone with more knowledge than me pointed out, that Manjaro is an Arch LInux based distro. The UCC tools are heavily based around the debian package architecture. That means, it will not work for distributions that are not based on debian.

By the way, you can now easily join Ubuntu systems into a UCS domain with our new Domain Join Assistant

That works great - but is it possible to modify the distro check ? As for example i prefer Linux Mint and as this is ubuntu based it should also work ?


Thanks for the update. I will stick with Ubuntu and follow UCC practices of reinstalling the OS onto the machines when a new one comes along. However, I do want to point out that Manjaro’s rolling release is very appealing to avoid reinstalls.

Congratulations on the amazing work on the new Domain Join Assistant!

Hi externa1, I created a feature request from your question, it is currently not possible. You could try to modify your distribution ID manually for the time you execute the domain join client and see if it works. lsb_release -is has to output ubuntu. I had to modify the DISTRIB_ID=... line in /etc/lsb-release.

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