Managing Kopano4UCS Webapp Plugins



Is there a way (via UCR variables perhaps) to enforce use of particular Webapp plugins in Kopano4UCS? I’m thinking in this case of the Desktop notifications plugin, as I have issues with browsers not responding to the “Request Permissions” button of the plugin settings and therefore the options to enable notifications are not active.


Hi @tose,

yes you could auto enable plugins for users. This is done on a per plugin base through a config that is usually called something like the following:


The problem here is though, that the user interaction to allow notification is required by the browser. There is afaik no way to force browser notifications without the user giving consent to this.


Ah, ok. Got it. I found


In which I can define that setting as suggested. I guess then I’ll have to manually add the webapp url to the “notifications allowed from” settings of the browser (Chrome in this case). I thought that was what the “Request Permissions” button in the webapp Desktop Notifications settings was meant to facilitate but it has no effect when clicked in Chrome.

Will do a bit more digging to see what might be hampering that.


Ok, so it appears that Desktop Notifications are only available when webapp is accessed over https. I’m not really sure why that would need to be the case. There are certainly scenario’s like a local LAN environment (both server & webapp clients on the same local LAN with no access to webapp from the WAN) where https is not really necessary.

Nonetheless, for the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon this, that’s what I have found.


Please see This is actually a security feature of the browser, not really related to webapp.


Thanks Felix. I didn’t mean to suggest that the problem was confined to Webapp/Desktop Notifications plugin. Glad to have the real source of the issue explained.