Manage multiple UCS environments together in a cluster

Main point here: Open XChange

Multi-tenancy is lovely, but if it cannot be done, the next best step would be as suggested there to spin up a new server for each company. This raises the point of management — I don’t want to be logging into each server every time I want to do something, I’d like to tie them all to one ‘master’ UCS instance and be able to manage them from there. Is this possible?

I see it can be done with Virtual Machine Management on UCS ( … tion-uvmm/) but is there a way to join all the Univention servers together, to run independently but be managed through a central ‘master’ server?

I realize that I can add DC slaves and that’s fine, but can they all be managed through the master DC itself?

I think what Cord Martens referred to was the possibility to have several DC slaves and to restrict the amount of data synchronized to each DC slave via LDAP ACLs (see the administrator documentation). That way you could manage the users for each DC slave within their own container in a central DC master and only synchronize one such LDAP container to each DC slave.

That actually clarifies things a lot, thank you very much!