MailServer installation and use


Hi I am new in this field and that expert and have to look for a new MailServer, because the Apple MailServer will not be supported any more with the newest server update, so we need a mailserver for a simple mail handling as follows:
fetching from our provider, delivering to the internal user,
why a mailserver, because we are getting mails with uge attachments and all provider are asking a lot of monthy fees, secondary we like to all our mails under our control.
So what is my question:
I have downloaded the pre-configurated UCS Cooperate Server with the mailserver and fetchmail application. We have a domain, so I tried to install it as it was installed with the Apple mailserver, but nothing works.
I tried to fetch mails from the provider, non. I am sure it is because of the configuration, so can you help to get it work so that I am able to take a decision of using UCS?!
Thanks a lot for any support, German might work easier


Hallo Joachim,

You don’t have to take your-domain.tld for the UCS installation and more important: you shouldn’t. You can find stuff about setting the ucs-domainname here in the forum. The setup I use is something like meinbuero.your-domain.tdl for the UCS Domain. The important thing is, that no other DNS-server ‘on the internet’ serves your internal ucs-domainname. For email the requirements are just the opposite: every DNS-server should be able to ask for the mailserver of your-domain.tdl.

That being said: you need to configure your email-domain in the blue settings on the ucs-master server.

After that you will have to setup the provider as relay_host on postfix so that you can send emails. You can find here too a lot of useful information in the forum searching for ‘relay_host’.

Fetchmail on the other hand is configured in the user-accounts.

Best, Bernd