mailPrimaryAddress not synced to local ldap from ActiveDirectory


UCS is member server in server 2016 windows AD. AD-sync works but local UCS ldap does not show attribute mailPrimaryAddress even though connector logs a change. Any ideas?

I set in Field E-Mail in AD. Domain is set in UCS:
mail/hosteddomains: customer.local

If i change users mail-addy in AD, connector.log even shows:

LDAP (PROCESS): sync to ucs: [ user] [ modify] uid=mustermann,cn=users,dc=CUSTOMER,dc=local

So it’s noticed, but not written to LDAP:

univention-ldapsearch uid=mustermann

does not show any attribute with mail (not mail, not mailPrimaryAddress).

Any ideas?

I am having this same issue at the moment. did you check the value of connector/ad/mapping/user/primarymail in your UCS variables? mine was set to false, I changed it to true but the primaryemail is still not syncing.

Thanks for your answer. It’s already set to true here.

Just reported here:

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