Mail without body again in kopano



Yesterday a got again a mail without body when i read it with my iOS device. Only „Diese Nachricht wurde nicht vom Server geladen.“ was the body. With WebApp i could read the mail but Webapp and iOS is another well known problem.

My Kopano Core Version is 8.7.0. I thought this fault would be corrected in the new versions of kopano. So, is it a problem of my installation or a general problem of kopanao?



Hi @Heiko,

This has not yet been reported or observed with 8.7.0. Is it just one email? Logs would help. I suggest opening a support case for this.


Hi Felix,
thanks for your reply.

It was only one mail. But very strange is when i work with my iPad i find this mail in my inbox without body and in the trash with body. When i work with my iPhone i find it only in the trash with body. I have no idea who has delete the mail. Maybe myself :))

Maybe the reason for this strange thing were the problems with the wrong LDAP password in my Kopano during the last days.

I will observe my inboxes furthermore.