Mail related services incorrectly reported as stopped in UMC

Again related to Zarafa4UCS to Kopano4UCS upgrade. When I look at the “System Services” page in the UMC it reports the following services as stopped:-


Yet, at a terminal prompt if I check the service status they report as started.

root@UCS4Master:/var/log# service spamassassin status [ ok ] spamd is running. root@UCS4Master:/var/log# service amavis status [ ok ] amavisd is running. root@UCS4Master:/var/log# service postgrey status [ ok ] postgrey is running.

I can’t be 100% certain this has only occurred with the upgrade, but can’t recall having noticed this prior. Just wanting to check whether there is more to this that I’m not across, prior to filing a bug report.

Hello Tose,

apart from not having postgrey installed on my machine I can see the same effect on a freshly installed system.

Many thanks for the confirmation Felix. I have raised a bug report:-