Mail quotes without Mail Server App


We use UCS as it is worked out for. All employees` accounts are stored there.
But we use separate mail server and don’t want to unite it with UCS. I mean that we don’t want to install Mail Server App on UCS Master.

The dedicated mail server performs LDAP queries to UCS and everything works perfect. Unfortunately, looks like we might not use UCS for setting quotas of users’ mailboxes without installing Mail Serer App.

Since we don’t consider installation of additional and, honestly speaking, unnecessary app on LDAP master server, could you advise some workaround for setting quotes and using them by stand-alone mail server?
Maybe there is opportunity to create policy, assign it to user and request from dedicated mail server?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sly_roar,

I think what you are looking for are custom attributes. With them you can add additional values to your user objects, which you can the reference in you LDAP setup.