Mail home server always empty

Hi, i have setup UCS, and have setup a domain in the DNS and added the domain in the Mail app. However, i am unable to create IMAP folder, because the Mail home server drop down box is always empty. My domain is listed in the Mail Domain.

Can anyone help shed any light on this?

There is not enough information to answer this, so I have some questions first:
[li]What UCS version is installed?[/li]
[li]In which role is the server (master, backup, slave, member)?[/li]
[li]Was the Mailserver app installed, or some separate packages (which)?[/li]
[li]Are you using Dovecot or Cyrus?[/li][/ul]

Hi, i am running 4.1-0 errata60 as a master.

I’ve managed to narrow it down to a problem with Zarafa. If i remove Zarafa, and install the standard Mail app, then i am able to select a mail home server. When i re-install Zarafa, which removes UCS standard Mail app, then this goes back to being blank.

Anyone know what the issue with Zarafa is?

Hello AJstubzy,

that sounds like a little misconception to me. Zarafa does not make use of this attribute as it will not use the default imap server of Univention, but bring its own mailstore.

All data in Zarafa is stored inside an innodb database (except for attachments which are stored on disk). So no mailfolders on disk.

The attribute “univentionMailHomeServer” is also used in /etc/postfix/ldap.transport. It can make sense to define it even when Zarafa is used, e.g. when having multiple mailservers.
AFAIK it is possible to configure it manually through UMC and udm-CLI.

However in most cases it is not needed for Zarafa.

Hello ahrnke,

as you allready mentioned, sometimes it is necessary to set the univentionMailHomeServer attribute.
In my case, Zarafa-core is installed on an UCS in my network. Incoming Mails are going throug an additional server located in my DMZ. This one is not relaying Incoming Mails to my internal MailServer because of the empty univentionMailHomeServer field.

Could you please be so kind, to provide me a short info, how to manually create this attribute?

Thanks and Best Regards,


You can set if to pre-defined values in the drop-down list “Mail home server” which is located in the “Advanced” tab -> section “Mail”.

Another method is the command line.

udm users/user modify --dn "uid=someuser,cn=users,dc=sub,dc=domain,dc=tld" --set mailHomeServer="mailhost.sub.domain.tld" 


You can set if to pre-defined values in the drop-down list “Mail home server” which is located in the “Advanced” tab -> section “Mail”.


Thank you Dirk, that worked pretty well. Due to the Fact, that I’m Usinge Zarafa - the Homeserver Dropdown in the “Advanced” tab was allways empty, even if I used your suggested way via the Command Line. A short check showed, that the HomeMailServer was set right, but not shown in the Dropdown. So I decided to move the HomeMailServer Dropdown from the “Advanced” Tab to a Custom Attribute and set a new Tab “HomeMailServer”. Here I can enter the Data directly and not via Dropdown and the Data stays in there.

Best Regards,