MacOS using CIFS very slow on UCS


i have the problem, that using the UCS as a fileserver with samba, Macs having massiv performance problems. Windows Clients instead, working as expected.

Has anyone an idea, what i have to do, to make the transfer for the mac better?

thanks for the answer


I guess you use a more recent version of MacOS, but perhaps this is related?

I tested it, it dosn’t helped. Any other idea?

Hi Volker,

I don’t know if I can help - but I’m interested in your subject. For a better understanding it would be helpful to have some more information.

  • what kind of storage do you use?
  • It is working well with windows clients, so it won’t be a hardware problem: are there any samba vfs modules activated on the fileserver?
  • The version of OS X or macOS
  • What protocol do you use for connecting the fileserver? cifs or smb?
    (I have trouble using smb - the drives get removed every day, I tried to debug it and I think it is just the time of the first kerberos-ticket, so every 8-10 hours. A problem I don’t have connecting with cifs)