macOS clients: slow finder performance on UCS shares

Hello all,

at the moment the performance on macOS clients, which have joined the UCS domain (5.0-2 errata476), if connecting/mounting an UCS share with large number of files, is terrible slow. Searching or opening a file is taking minutes (I did not stop the time, but it feels like minutes to open a small PDF file for example).
As I read on there is a samba vfs_fruit module for solving that performance problem related on Apples own SMB implementations.

Is there a chance to add these settings to the samba templates as default?
Additionally an UCS share could then be used as a Timecapsule backup share for macOS clients.

Kind regards
Ralf Schweiger

Is macOS not interesting for Univention?
Again: Could you please add the vfs_fruit module into samba?

I came to the conclusion that UCS is not usable for macOS. The file transfer speed is 10Mbit/s which is unusable.
I will setup a own Server for that running on Debian.