M365 Connector Error


The connector is working since years. Now we have 3 Users with a strange error and I don’t know why:

Error from Cron Log:

 Error: user b'XXX' is not correctly synced to Azure (missing univentionOffice365Data attribute)

Error from listerner.log

17.08.23 08:18:57.225  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : office365-user: dn='uid=XXX,cn=users,ou=hcm,dc=XX,dc=net' command='m'

TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'accountName'

we also had the error message “unexpected keyword argument ‘accountName’”.
We found, that the Connector had an older version. Now, with the latest version it is not seen anymore.
So it might help - check if you already have the latest version and update to this.